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NexLOG is our standalone software product for organizations that are looking to enforce a COVID-19 testing policy. NexLOG is an easy to use webapp platform where admin users can create test results for their user pool, update existing entries, and filter results.

   How will it work?

All testing recipients need to have a NexID wristband and our NexHUB app downloaded. We will be providing these as they will be unique to each institutional user (per multi-tenant architecture).

The institutional user will have their own testing policy (frequency and parameters) we enable them to enforce them effectively.

From their dashboard, an admin user can see which of their recipients need to be tested, this is determined by the institution. From there the admin can view previous recorded tests or create a new one.

If the admin choose to create a new test, they click on the button in the dashboard. Scan the person's wristband or app screen, which verifies their identity. Then the admin user can select the test type (antibody, temperature, etc) and the result.

If the admin user has created the test before the results have arrived then they can mark the test status as "on going". Once the results have arrived they can navigate to the on going test entry, click on it, and update its results.

   What's the process if we're interested?

At this time we're looking for organizations to partner with us to pilot this product, it's fully functional but we still require additional customer feedback.

  1. Someone from a prospective customer (that's you) contacts us at
  2. We hook you up with wristbands for all the testing recipients plus a few extra wristbands and IDs.
  3. We'll send you a CSV spreadsheet that needs to be filled out, this will include contact emails and names of all the testing recipients.
  4. We'll onboard you onto the NexLOG software, and provide support for your testing recipients for their on-boarding process.
  5. By now you should have all the tools to use NexLOG without our assistance, but our doors will always be open for questions.

Want to learn more?

Send us an email at