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A NexID Product

NexID is the next evolution in medical identification products. We've developed a secure method for storing and displaying health information to EMS when needed most.

About this item

  • {Lightweight} Wristband strap is made from comfortable, breathable, and anti-microbial nylon.
  • {No Character Limits} Unlike conventional medical alert wristbands, our QR code technology and companion app will allow as much info as you'd like.

Additional Information

  • {Privacy Mode} Backside of each ID can be exposed instead of a QR code to hide your ID from prying eyes.
  • {Removable} ID can be easily removed and replaced. Included in each box are 3 additional NexIDs. These can be easily swapped out to remove the current ID.
  • {Adjustable strap} Can fit wrists 17cm to 24cm in circumference.


Our companion mobile app, NexHUB, is available on the Google Play Store. It is required for the basic functionality of this product. This means that this product is not for you if you cannot download the companion NexHUB app. If you are an iPhone user, then subscribe to our newsletter; we'll notify everyone when our iOS app is available for download. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Once you've received your NexID wristband, your next step is to download and register for the NexHUB app. This is where you enter the information to be displayed on your wristband.


This product is currently only available in Canada. This is due to regulatory constraints. We will be expanding the availability into other countries in the future. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for updates.

   What is a NATO Strap?

Made from a synthetic treated nylon, our NATO Wristband medical ID is our cost effective offering in the NexID product line. It is durable, comfortable, and accessible. Our adjustable wristband is lightweight, soft, and bacterial resistant so that it can get wet without molding.


We wanted to offer a product that was affordable and accessible to everyone because a medical identification product could be life saving.



We chose a minimalist approach, offering one size and one colour to launch our product. This keeps costs low and affordable to users. It is unisex and coordinates with varying lifestyles. We plan to expand selection sizes and colours and the Nexus Health family grows. If you would like a specific style, length, or colour, let us know on the Contact page.

   Product Specs

Width: 1.4 cm (Wristband)
Width: 2.1 cm (With ID)
Length: 26 cm

Weight: 10g (With ID)
Package Weight: 128g