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NexHUB App
NexHUB App
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NexHUB App
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NexHUB App

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Ensure EMS receives up-to-date and accurate medical information in an emergency.

NexHUB is a digital health app for users to control the information displayed on their NexID medical ID; brought to you by the innovative start-up company, Nexus Health. NexHUB gives complete control to the user, you have the power over your data, as it should be.

  • Edit your NexID data at any time.
  • Wipe your data or unlink your ID with the click of a button.
  • Manage your medication.
  • And much more coming soon!

If you’ve ever struggled with managing the healthcare of yourself or a loved one, then this is the tool you’ve been dreaming of.

Take control of your health information, and join the Digital Health revolution today!

Our end-goal for NexHUB is for it to become the universally accepted software tool for patients to manage every aspect of their healthcare.

If you've purchased a wristband you'll need to download the app to input your information and pair the app to the unique QR code ID. This process is mandatory and must be done at least once to use the product.


Our app will be available for a monthly cost of $2.50 CAD. Every user will receive a 30 day free trial.

   Digital Copy of your NexID

Once you've successfully paired your wristband you'll have a digital copy of your existing NexID wristband. Either one of these QR code IDs can be scanned to display your emergency medical information page. However, we recommend you wear the wristband as much as possible; after all, what good is a seat belt if you never wear it?

   Digital ID Option

We don't recommend this option as it will not help in a medical emergency where the patient may be unconscious. But, we wanted to give users this option if they didn't want to purchase a NexID wristband.

To select this option, you'll need to create an account like everyone else. You'll also need to subscribe to the app, when you're prompted to pair an ID to your NexHUB account, you'll see the option to choose a digital ID.


The app will be available on the Google play store first; shortly after it'll be available on the Apple App Store. If you have an iPhone then you'll have to wait, we recommend you don't buy a NexID wristband until then.