Who Are We?

We're Nexus Health, Ontario's newest entry to the Medical Identification and Digital Health space. Young and eclectic, we're a diverse group of individuals that banded together to try and change the world.

We found our start in spring of 2018 at Seneca College's HELIX accelerator, after we realized our chemistry when working together, we went on to create Nexus Health. Since then we've become one of Ontario's newest and hottest "Basement Startups" (by our own description)

We continued to grow the team by bringing on recent graduates from Seneca College's computer science programs. None of us are above the age 25, so you could say we're a little green. Once we break out the bean bag chairs and Foosball table we'll have completed our transformation into a modern day tech startup.

In spite of our flippant attitude and obvious inexperience, we take this very seriously; and have the utmost respect for our customers and their rights.