Our Story

We founded Nexus Health because of our personal experiences, and also because we saw an opportunity that wasn't being addressed. We quickly found it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be; since then we've been focused on learning, progressing, and placing one foot in front of the other. This is our story.

In 2010; Matthew's grandmother came out of the hospital after an operation, and went to a long term care facility to recover. During her stay she got a stroke because she was given medication that reacted to her blood thinner. This was a preventable accident, if the nurses had more info on his grandmother, it could have been avoided.

In 2017; Mitchell's girlfriend bought a Medic Alert wristband. The ID wristband was extremely expensive and she was only able to engrave a couple of words. At the same time he was in the Reserves for the Canadian Armed Forces, he received his own pair of dog tags; that's when noticed the similarities and lack of information on both items.

In 2018; we met at Seneca's HELIX accelerator. Through our work together and research, we learned that Canadian Healthcare systems lack a comprehensive method of sharing data on patient.

That is where we conceived NexID; the medical ID wristband that is cheaper than the competition, more comfortable, and our QR code wristbands allow us to store an unlimited amount of information. Click here to learn more.