First Steps

You've bought a NexID wristband, now what?

To save unnecessary paper usage, we removed a quick start guide booklet and instead opted to offer this step-by-step tutorial to help people sign up. If you have any questions on this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

          1. Download the NexHUB app

      You can find the download link hereOur app isn't available on the Apple App Store just yet. If you use an Apple device, we recommend signing up for our newsletter as we'll notify everyone there when the app is available for iPhone users.

              2. Create an account in the app.

          Go through the steps outlined in the app to create an account.

                  3. Verify your account.

            A verification email is sent to the email used during sign up, follow the instructions in the email to complete registration.


                  4. Re-open the app and login.

            Re-open the app, but this time click on the login button. If you'd like see what you're typing, you can click on the eye button in the password field.


                  5. Subscribe to the app.

              Subscribe to the app, there will be a monthly charge of $2.50. All users receive the first 30 days free. If you cancel your subscription, we do not delete the info you entered, unless you ask us to.

                      6. Enter basic user information.

                On your first login, we require you to fill out basic account information.

                      7. Pair your wristband

                  In the home page, click on the blue button at the bottom. Select "NexID wristband" if you've purchased a wristband, select "Digital ID" if you'd like to use a digital qr code from the NexHUB app.

                          8. Enter basic user information.

                      On the dashboard, select the "Health Info" tab; you can now start entering the info you want visible on your NexID wristband. We recommend entering as much as possible.

                              9. That's it!

                          Just like that, you're done. If you ever want to edit your information, all you have to do is re-open the app and make the necessary changes.

                          If you have any questions, please reach out; we love hearing from our customers.


                          P.S. We care about your privacy and go to great lengths to keep your information safe. Find out more in our privacy policy