FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is that on the wristband?

That's called a QR code, a QR code works like a bar code but it is universally accepted as the superior option. It's widely accepted by modern smart phone makers and software companies. When scanned it will redirect to a website that displays the information you input into the NexHUB app. This means you can edit the information at any time and you don't need a new ID.

Why QR codes?

  1. A QR code can be scanned by any modern smartphone. iPhones have it built in with the camera; Android users have to use Google lens, this can be pulled up by holding the home button for a few seconds.
  2. Even if part of the QR code is missing, often times it can still be scanned as normal.
  3. QR codes are very popular with the software development community so it is widely used by many modern technologies, and is well supported.
  4. Many EMS personnel are already familiar with QR codes and how to scan them.

Where can I find information on your privacy policies?

In the footer (at the bottom) of every page is a link to our privacy policy and terms of service agreement. If you have any questions that are not addressed in either of those documents then you can reach out at: "info@nexushealth.ca"

Why do I need to download an app?

We require you to download and use our app at least once because we want you to have 100% control over your information.

Through our app we gave all our users the freedom to edit their information, make certain things visible, or if need be delete all their data with the click of a button. Your health information is only the business of you and your physician, so we removed the man in middleman.

Is the App on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store?

Currently the app is only available on the Google Play Store, but we have every intention of releasing to iPhone users as soon as we can. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom right to hear from us when we do.

How are you going to protect my information?

Thankfully there isn't one answer to this and we take multiple steps to ensure the protection of your data. Some of these methods we can disclose publicly, and some we choose not to for security reasons. To that, we'll say:

  1. That all user information is stored on Amazon's AWS servers, this is a cloud hosting service, meaning instead of having servers in the company basement it's all hosted in a secure data site along side thousands of other company's data. Some big names that use AWS are: Netflix, Facebook, ESPN, LinkedIn, and more.
  2. That in the app you have full control to put only the information you want visible, you can also delete or edit that information at any time.
  3. Your NexID can be removed and flipped upside down so the QR code is facing downward. This will prevent from someone from being able to scan your ID unless they remove your wristband and flip the ID face right side up.
  4. There's also some more sneaky stuff that we don't want to give away.

Should I be always wearing the wristband?

Only you can answer that, we wouldn't recommend wearing it 24/7 but we've forgotten it into the shower and to bed a few times ourselves. We recommend you wear it as much as possible, for us we usually wear it when we leave our homes, but everyone's situation and level of risk is different.

I don't like the product's appearance, are there other options?

Not at this time, we're still a startup with a limited budget and decided to create a product that has utility but isn't a fashionable statement. If you have a certain style or colour that you would like, we're open to suggestions. Let us know on the "contact us" page or through our social media pages.

I just got the wristband and it's uncomfortable, is this normal?

Yes, because of the tough material that makes up the NATO strap, it usually needs to be broken into for about a day. If you still notice it after a few days then you can request a refund.

You guys don't seem very, professional, why is that?

This is the benefit of being a startup, we're not beholden to corporate overlords, so we get to show our true colours. The reality is that we're just people, and we don't feel the need to try and deceive our customers by giving a faux appearance of professionalism. We've been there, done that, and it felt gross. Instead we want to talk to and treat all our customers like human beings that are capable of free thought, and not someone that needs to be constantly marketed to and manipulated into buying our stuff. That being said we would appreciate your business.

I don't like the product, can I get a refund?

Of course, we have a 30 day no questions asked return policy. Send an email to info@nexushealth.ca to start the process.

What is your shipping policy?

Half of the cost for shipping is covered by Nexus Health and the other half is covered by the customer.

We love having free shipping when we're buying items online too but as a start up we had to confront the reality that we simply can't afford free shipping for our customers. We hope you understand and we'd like to thank those who have accepted the additional costs and support us still. The exact cost of shipping is calculated at checkout.

I've purchased a NexID wristband, now what?

Thank you for your support, to better answer that question, go to this link.

What technologies did we use to create our software?

Go to this link.