For Individuals - NexID

Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, NexID is the medical ID solution to rule them all. Correctly utilizing QR code technology; we've created a secure method for storing and displaying health information to EMS when required.

Information can be edited any time by you, the user, and what you decide to make available is 100% up to you. Unlike a chip, you can take off the wristband at any time. Don't want to wear a wristband? You can easily remove the ID and store it in a phone case, wallet, or even thread your shoes laces into it; the possibilities are near limitless for this compact ID.

We believe in simplicity

  • Our NexID products have only two components; the wristband and the ID.
  • There's no electronics on the wristband; this means you can smash it with a hammer and it will still work (believe me we've tried), it's also waterproof of course.
  • Don't feel comfortable making your information available like that? We promise we won't tell, you can remove the wristband at any time, edit the information visible in the NexHUB app, or send us an email (click here for contact page) and we'll delete your data at the source.
  • QR code technology is unique because it too is simple, and easy to access; all you need is a semi-modern smartphone or tablet that is equipped with a working camera.