What's on the Horizon? - Q1 2021

We have some exciting things in the works; instead of keeping you in the dark while we finalize every last detail, I’d like to share with you what we’re working on. The big ones are:
  1. An iOS release of the NexHUB app.
  2. A Medication Manager for the NexHUB app.
  3. Updating our website.
  4. A metal version of the NexID wristband.

Now that you have the TLDR. Keep reading if you’d like to know some details around these upcoming items.

iOS Release

Our initial plan was to release the version 1.0 of the NexHUB app to Android and iOS devices at the same time, a few weeks before the iOS release we found an issue that needed to be addressed. We knew it would upset some of our customers, but I couldn’t justify releasing something that didn’t meet our standards.

Our current timeline has the iOS app coming out before the end of February.

Medication Manager

The medication manager is our first major feature for the NexHUB app (NexHUB 1.1). This feature allows our customers to report any medication that they’d like visible on their private medical profile. Any user choosing to report their medication also has the option to setup reminders.

If the user sets up reminders, they will receive a notification at the time they select. If the user clicks on the notification, they will have the option to record it as: I took this, I didn’t take it, or undisclosed. The option selected by the user will appear on their private medical profile.

This feature has 3 functions:

  1. Allow a user to report medication they’re taking.
  2. Setting a notification helps the user with managing the medication they’re taking, prevents those moments where you wonder “Did I take this already?”.
  3. When a user discloses if they did or didn’t take their medication, it greatly increases the reliability of their private medical profile. It allows EMS to have confidence in the accuracy of the data that’s accessible in the NexID wristband.

Our current timeline has the medication manager coming out before the end of February.

Updated Website

Our current website is built using Shopify, which is a great tool but has its limitations, it doesn’t allow us to convey information the way we’d like; namely the new website will allow better transparency for our app and its pricing.

We’ve seen some sneak peaks and love the way it looks, I’m confident you’ll agree too when you get a chance to see it.

Our current timeline has the new website coming out before the end of March.

Metal NexID

For a while we’ve been working on securing an OEM to produce a metal version of the NexID. The difficulty has been finding a supplier who can deliver results that were high quality but still at an acceptable price.

Much like the current NATO NexID, we want the Metal NexID to be affordable. We know we can offer more for a lower price than what’s currently available.

Our current timeline has the metal NexID available before the end of March.



That's all for now, cheers!